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Please call us if you would like any more information on other deals we have for multiple sessions.

When you buy a voucher for yourself, a friend or family member, you buy time to rest and relax at what can be a very tiring time. One of our mummy company workers will come to your home and get whatever needs doing done.

The sorts of things mummy company workers do –

Watch the baby while you have a bath.

Put the washing on/hang it out.

Fold clothes and put them away.


Take the baby for a walk while you nap.

Make a meal.

Make you a cup of tea.

Load/unload dishwasher.

Do the washing up.

Bounce babies up and down.

Sing and make silly faces at babies.

Squeak favored toy until suitably content.

Take the baby for a walk while you take a nap.

Some ideas of things you could ask to be done – just discuss what you would like when she arrives and she will tell what she can do in the time she has.

All our mummy workers are DBS checked, first aid trained and have tons of baby experience.